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>    Is the iPad Deck Mount the Original EFB solution?   Yes.

>    The iPad Deck Mount was designed by a Captain for American Airlines who saw the            need for a simple, elegant non STC solution for the portable EFB in the cockpit. 

   The iPDM is made from a  powder-coated lightweight aluminum alloy and cushioned             support technology that integrates seamlessly with the FAA-approved EFB-                          Electronic Flight Bag. 

   The iPDM DOES NOT does not require an STC because of its portable design. 

>    The iPDM meets both FAA AC-120-76D and AC 20-173.

>    The iPDM DOES NOT obstruct access to aircraft controls & displays, usage of window         shade, egress or ingress, or with external vision.       

>    Your Tablet/iPad remains "secure and viewable" in all flight realms. 

>     The iPDM is the ONLY mount that makes it easy to remove your iPad/tablet for                       chart briefing.                  

   The iPDM is ergo-dynamic, light, portable & designed by a pilot for pilots. 

>     ZERO awkward mounting procedure. Place & fly. 

  >     NO cumbersome springs, suction cups, bungee cords or purchasing                                      additional padding.    

>     EASY to remove & install from aircraft to aircraft. 

    iPDM's unique design offers a universal fit for:

       iPad Original models
       iPad Minis
       iPad Air/Pro 9.7
       iPad Pro 10.5

       MS Surface 2, 2 Pro, 3

       Samsung’s Galaxy

       WITH or WITHOUT protective tablet covers. 

    Just stow in your bag and go!

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